Once upon a time, there was a wise king. The king had a beautiful daughter. Her name is Arimbi. Arimbi lived happily. His father never forbade her to

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Once upon a time, there was a wise king. The king had a beautiful daughter. Her name is Arimbi. Arimbi lived happily. His father never forbade her to play out of castle. So, she had good relationship with many people, even a beggar.

One day, Arimbi played with some girls in the village near the castle. When they enjoy the game, a witched witch stayed near over them. He knew that one of the girls is a princess. He wanted to kidnap and try to exchange with the kingdom.

The witch got the time, he took the girl and ran away. The king was very sad, moreover when he knew that the witch want his kingdom. He was very confused with the choices. Then he decided it. The badness might not win this bad trick.

The king declared a war. He announced for man who can take the princess back and kill the witch, the king will give the kingdom to him. In short time, all people knew about it. All of knights are ready to do that.

In the village, there lived a boy named Jolo Tolok. He had neither any magical power nor self-defense. To people surprised, he also wanted to do this deathly contest. They all are laughing at him. But he did not care of it. One thing that he had, he fell in love with the princess. That because the prince ever bought some fruits at his father shop. He served the prince as if they had recognized for such a long time. Then, a few times later he knew that the girl who bought the fruits was the princess. It never crossed in his mind beforehand and everything has become over split.

He was working hard to train himself. One day, he overslept under the tree when he exercised the martial arts. He got a dream. An old man told him about the weakness of the witch. He should shoot the witch’s eyes together.

Joko Tolok ask Guru Panah to teach him how to shoot properly. He trained it all day long. He really got fire on it. Joko believed his arrow can shoot the eyes of the witch.

Hundreds of knights had died when they fought against the witch. Joko took the chance. He went through the jungle and found the castle where the witch lived. He was waiting for the best time to do the most difficult job ever, shooting the witch’s eyes. Lately in the evening, the witch came in. He did not know somebody was waiting for him and was eager to take his death. Joko was ready with his arrow. Once he took the witch’ eyes and shoot them together. The witch dead and Joko saved the princess.

All people happily welcame Joko and the princess. The king was very happy with the princess coming. He was very thankful to Joko and gave his promise, giving the kingdom for the one who saved the princess and then Joko succeeded the king.

But then, the problem arose when Joko was very disappointed. What he got was only the kingdom, not even the princess as his wife. He thought the country was one part of being the king and absolutely marrying the princess to run the kingdom. The princess has candidate of husband since she was born with the prince of his father’s alliance, the king of the neighbor kingdom.

Joko desperately received the kingdom and tried to look for the chance to take the princess. Then he disrupted the condition. He became the cruelest king ever in the world. Killing thousands of people from the neighbor kingdom was his willing to conquer the kingdom.

He put the deaths on the bank and continued killing all people. From the farmer and fishermen then he continued to kill the knights. The number of people was getting smaller and smaller. The bank became the pyramid and the king Joko wanted the last one who dead on the top of pyramid of deaths was the princess’ husband.

Then the people of Joko’s kingdom were also got the deaths because of curse. The God did not want Joko do his intention. When the turn of the princess came, he put him on the top of pyramid and shot him with Joko’s arrow. As soon as he disembarrassed the arrow, the princess came and kept her husband. The power of the arrow was too strong and shot both of them. They died and no one existed except Joko now.

Joko cried over his fault. He looked at the princess was very loyal with her husband. Then Joko killed himself on the top of the pyramid and became the last one. The pyramid was very big as well as the mountain. Then it turned to be the real pyramid and people named it as The Pyramid Mountain.

Ifan Rikhza Auladi